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Alumni: Is Melissa Villasenor Quitting Impressions?


Melissa Villasenor has a new look! (Photo: Facebook)

Season six superstar Melissa Villasenor put a scare in quite a few people — including us — this week when she posted on Facebook about ditching the celebrity impressions we came to love on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.

“No longer focusing on impressions in my stand-up,” she wrote. “Sorry guys, but I honestly think I am funnier without them. They are a clutch…Love ya, hope you understand and support my decision. ( i may keep just owen and wanda though hah)”

Could this really be true? Or was it some kind of a mis-dated April Fools joke?

We went straight to the source and here’s what she told us:

“I want to make sure that people know I am not stopping impressions but simply working on new things in my stand-up/career.

“I always still do my celebrity impression bits as well as original character bits. Voices always wind up in my stand-up when I am not planning because simply it’s a big part of me. Lately my newer material for my stand-up is revolved around me, stories, people in my life/experiences. Also, the celebrity impressions in my stand-up are all in bits that are about me but the impressions are in there as well. The impressions aren’t the main focus in my stand-up. I feel empty and sad when I just stand there and say ,”here’s an impression”, there is no emotional connection for me. Of course, Owen Wilson is the one impression I never get tired of and can always just say “here’s Owen” (make his facial expression) and do the voice and it makes me laugh.

I don’t want people to think I am giving up on impressions because I am sure some day down the road there will be a new voice/person that I will definitely want to learn and will learn it. Just lately there haven’t been any celebrities that have caught my eye as being unique, challenging, or interesting. I have been definitely focused on my own personality on stage and digging into personal things I am going through. But I have definitely decided I don’t want to be stuck in that “only impressionist” cage because I know deep down I have plenty of other things to offer and am strong in anything I set my mind to. (original characters, stand-up about myself, singing my own original songs I write, acting, writing… etc.)”

Hope that clears it up!  And to celebrate let’s all take a moment to remind ourselves why we fell in love with Melissa in the first place.


6/2: Ice House. Pasadena, CA
6/12: Irvine Improv, CA 10 pm
6/14: Ice House.  Pasadena, CA
6/20: Brea Improv. Brea, CA
6/21: Hollywood Improv Lab.  Hollywood, CA 8:30 pm
6/27-7/1: The Comic Strip, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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