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Alumni: Murray The Magician (S5) Gets Married


Magician Murray Sawchuck and his new bride, Chloe

Murray the magician is now Murray the married man!

Murray Sawchuck (S5) pulled off the coolest trick in the book this weekend when he married his stunningly beautiful on-stage assistant, Chloe Louise Crawford.  

And we’ve got photographic evidence to prove it!

The spiky haired illusionist — who is now performing nightly at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas — tells us the ring swapping went down at their home in Sin City with 1970s disco legend Monti Rock III (a/k/a Disco Tex) officiating.

The rings “were carefully chosen and selected by the Pawn Stars at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop who are Murray’s personal friends,” according to a press release.  ”Everything from their centerpieces, to guest list, to the person marrying them could only be done in Las Vegas as entertainers would!”

The happy couple have known each other for five years.

We’re pressing for more details about the ceremony, proposal, engagement ring and honeymoon. We’ll let you know what they pass along.

In the meantime, we want to send out a great big congratulations to the newlyweds.  In lieu of gifts you really should check them out at The Trop!

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