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Alumni: Team iLuminate Opens Summer Show At Six Flags


Miral Kotb (c) is the founder of Team iLuminate (Photo: NBC)

Team iLuminate — the light up dance crew that came thisclose to winning season 6 of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — isn’t worried about competition from a similar-looking act (Light Wire Theater) that popped up a few weeks ago at the L.A. auditions.

“We love that we are inspiring people,” iLuminate founder Miral Kotb tells  “There is room in the world for other people to experiment with things and we love that it is happening!”

And why wouldn’t they?  Since leaving the show last September, Miral and her team have literally been all over the world — performing in Canada, Egypt, and even South Africa.

“We didn’t realize how many fans we have,” Miral tells us.

This past weekend they opened up a summer-long engagement at Six Flags Over Georgia.  (A spinoff team will perform the same show beginning next week at Six Flags Over Dallas.)

The performance, she says, “is a complete story.  It is actually like a movie. There are princesses and a love story and friends and families.  What we really wanted to do with this was to create an experience where when people walk in they are taken into a whole new world.  We are creating new superhero characters that have the iLuminate name and come from a (far away) planet.  So it is a whole storyline, not just a bunch of (routines) put together.”


 Miral says she still has the same dream on one day taking her act to Las Vegas.

“But for us what is more important is that we do it right,” she insists. “When you get your own vegas show there is no room for error.  So we are taking baby steps.  (Six Flags) is a great stepping stone for getting there.  We have our own show three times a day and then we have some surprises.”

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