Sh’Boss Boys

The Sh'Boss Boys from Atlanta appear on season six of 'America's Got Talent'

TALENT: Rappers / Dancers

BIRTHDATES: 2004, 2005, 2006


They sing.  They dance.  They “wap.”

Lispy pre-schoolers SH’BOSS BOYS are an overnight sensation on season six of “America’s Got Talent”, combining little boy charm with positive, uplifting lyrics (they rap about “education, being smart, having fun and girls.”)

The trio of talented tots — Young J (age 6), Tobias (age 7), and Little Josh (age 5) – say they started perfoming together after hearing music on the “wadio.”

The Sh’Boss Boys are:

JAVAN BROWN, JR (Captain Sh’Boss):  Also known as “Bubu” and “Young J”, he loves baseball, soccer and “Spongebob”.

JOSHUA COLEMAN (Junior Sh’Boss): This Kindergartener counts Superman, Ironman and his family as heroes.  In between practices (and naps) he enjoys playing video games and watching “Go, Diego, Go.”

TOBIAS DOUTHIT (Senior Sh’Boss): The senior member of the crew is a big fan of Batman.  His favorite TV show is “Little Bill” and he enjoys playing football.

If they win the $1 million prize, Tobias says they would buy a huge house for homeless kids and fill it with toys so everyone can play all day.