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Interview: Andrew DeLeon Talks Dating, Goth & ‘AGT’


Andre DeLeon on ‘America’s Got Talent’ (Photo: NBC)

Goth singing sensation Andrew DeLeon is single, “but not ready to mingle.”

“Unfortunately at a very young age, I have dated quite a few and it just never seems to work out for me,” he says. “So I am just going to wait until I am older and more mature to understand what actually goes in to a relationship.

Andrew is speaking out today for the first time since being eliminated from AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.

“I definitely want to continue trying to pursue a career in music,” he tells AGTNews.com in an exclusive interview. “I am not sure how I am going to do that yet. If not through AGT, then somewhere else.”

Andrew, 19, says he was blown away by how many people were touched by his story and his talent.

“I am so used to being hated that I thought that was what was going to happen,” he says. “But it means everything to me that I was able to touch people’s hearts and reach through and help other kids.”

Andrew — who works as a make up artist on low budget horror films in Austin, Texas — reveals that he first embraced the goth lifestyle in middle school.

“(That’s) when I saw the first Goth kid I had ever seen,” he says. “I was horrified of this person. But through that I got to know this person. And I was inspired by that. And then I found out that we had the same interests. And through that I started to develop an interest in heavy metal music and gothic music and literature. And from there it just started to evolve.”

His parents, he admits, were “understandably” concerned at first.

“They didn’t know if I was depressed or angry or anything like that,” he says. “But they came to find out I wasn’t up to any mischief or anything like that.”

But by high school, Andrew was batting other, more powerful, demons that they likely didn’t see.

“I was definitely depressed and pretty angry at the world for making me feel like I wasn’t welcome,” he admits. “For a good while there, I was kind of a horrible person. I was mean to everybody.”

Today, he says, “it is kind of hard to make me upset” — especially considering the outpouring of support he has received from fans of the show.

“I am used to getting stared at when I go out,” he jokes. “Now it is confusing cause I don’t know if they are staring at me because of the way I look or if they are staring at me because they watch AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.”

Many fans of the show are already rallying to get Andrew invited back for the upcoming “Wild Card” shows — an offer he says he would jump at.

“It is pretty hard for me to give up on something that I really love,” he says. “So yeah, if the opportunity came I would definitely take it.”