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Exclusive: See The Boy Howard Stern Made Cry


Mir Money (Photo: Facebook)

He’s the little boy that Howard Stern brought to tears.

We’ve got the first photo of Mir Money, a 7 year-old rapper from Philadelphia, who auditioned for the judges last month in New York City.

“It’s difficult to look into the eyes of a seven year-old and say “I am going to give you the X,’” Stern says.  ”I ran up on the stage and started hugging him.  I couldn’t handle it.

“I felt awful.  But this is the job I was given.  I am not going to sit there and suck up to a seven year-old.  It is up to the parent to determine whether they can handle being critiqued.”

“All I want to do is take care of my family,” the youngster says on his official Facebook page.  ”I’ve been rapping since the age of three.  I have done two shows, opened up for a barber shop.”

Mir Money will appear on the third episode of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, airing Monday, May 21.