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Exclusive: Ex-Wife Says Tim Poe Is Abusive, Cheating Liar


The ex-wife of embattled AGT contestant Timothy Michael Poe says the aspiring country singer who stole America’s hearts with his touching story of being injured in combat is really an abusive liar, who she once had jailed for domestic violence.

Kelly Ballard — an Air Force veteran — says Tim, 35, even got another woman pregnant while she was deployed for ten months to Iraq in 2003!

“He ended up marrying her,” she tells AGTNews.com.  “They got divorced in March of this year.”

During Monday night’s auditions — taped in April in Austin, TX — Poe, a one time magazine salesman, told the judges he had volunteered to help clear wounded people out of buildings in Afghanistan when he was hit by a grenade.

“It broke my back and gave me a brain injury,” he said.  “That is the reason I stutter a little bit.”

But according to Ballard, none of that is true.

She tells The New York Post that Poe’s injuries came during training exercises in Mississippi and that “I have never heard him have a stutter like (he had on the show).”

“My son (Isaac) is 11,” she says. “He knows everything out of (Tim’s) mouth is a lie.”

Tim poe (L) was lead singer of Crawl Space for four years. (Photo: MySpace)

Ballard says she caught her husband cheating in 1991 and after that the relationship headed straight down hill.  “I had him arrested in June 2002 for domestic violence.  After that, he vanished to Minnesota.  He didn’t help out with our son at all.”

She also claims Poe has lied about his education.

“The whole time I have known him, I have never known him to be enrolled in any college,” she tells us. “There is a possibility he may have an associates degree from before I met him.   On his Facebook page he says he has a Masters degree in project management.”

Oh, and that bit about how he never sang before a speech patholigist suggested it to help with the brain injury?

B.S., she says:  he was the lead singer of a band in Rochester, Minnesota for four years.

So far, Poe has still declined to make any comments to the press.

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