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Magician Murray SawChuck Films Kids’ TV Series


Magician Murray SawChuck was a Top 24 finisher on season five of 'America's Got Talent'

Murray SawChuck is heading back to television!

The season five illusionist recently shot five episodes of “The Jadagrace Show” — a sure-to-be favorite with the “Hannah Montana” crowd.

The new tween series, which is still being shopped, stars 11 year-old singer/dancer/actress Jadagrace Barry, who appeared in “Terminator: Salvation.”

“I play Murray The Magician,” he tells AGTNews.  “We are hoping to have it on the air this fall, but not sure which network yet.”

In the meantime, the spike-haired magic man is hosting live dates for the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars: Gold & Silver Road Show” and continues to tour with his own all new 90 minute act.  (Click here for dates)

We caught up with Murray in between shows to catch up on life after “AGT”.

What was your best memory of competing on “America’s Got Talent”?

My best memory of competing on “AGT” was the thrill of performing for a whole country — upward of 22 million people — and doing things I only thought of on paper.   I could finally make them come alive thanks to the help of the producers and fans! It was such a thrill to pull some of the ideas off!

How did competing on the show change your life (career)?

It changed my life in a lot of ways.  For one thing, I am always taken 100% seriously now. It showed a lot of people I can do anything — magic or not — under pressure.  And it doesn’t get much tougher than live TV! It’s amazing how many people watch the show.  I’ll be in airports, hotels — even other countries — and people still walk up and recognize me.  It’s exciting when they identify you with a certain trick you did… I guess it would be the same as a singer having a hit song and the audience knows the exact words to the song YOU wrote.

Have you stayed in touch with any of the other contestants?

I talk to Jackie Evancho‘s dad, Mike, now and then on Facebook.  And Jeremy the bike guy in Oregon… I met some great people and we shared in a once in a lifetime experience.

Tell us about your work on “Pawn Stars”? How did that come about?

After my success on “AGT,” I was in talks with “Pawn Stars” to host their live tour events at various cities.  I went out on tour with them as their ‘official’ host.  They had a few magic items come into their store.  They knew my history in magic and asked if I’d like to come on as one of their new experts on the show. I jumped at the chance and have filmed 4 episodes so far. It’s been a blast!

It seems you travel – a lot!  Any tips on passing time in the airport?

Yes! I am on the road 10 months out of the year. Tips at the airports… Wifi becomes your best friend.  I spend most of my time on my lap top doing interviews and working on other business ventures.  Also I live at Starbucks coffee in all the airports! But I love to fly and airports are always so exciting as people are always coming and going and experiencing new ventures…  It’s fun to people watch too!

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