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News: Stern Won’t Say Yes To Season 8…Yet


Howard Stern could decide if he is returning to ‘AGT’ in as soon as a week. (Photo: NBC)

No one knows yet if America’s Got Howard Stern for season 8.

Stern — the show’s newest (and highest paid) judge — said Monday that he has been asked to return to the NBC show for 2013.

But he isn’t ready to commit just yet.

“I said, you know, let me just see what it’s like to do the radio show and AGT at the same time,” he told listeners on his Sirius XM radio show.  ”So, I’ll be finding that out this week.

The King of All Media is pocketing a reported $15 million for his duties this season and the show moved its entire production to Newark, NJ to accommodate his other commitments.

Stern may be the best all around judge the show has ever employed.

But ratings are down (less the 8 million people tuned in last Wednesday) and chemistry on the live episodes is awkward at best as he continues to completely overshadow fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel.

Not that Stern seems to notice.

“I really like doing the show,” he says. “I really like being a part of it.”



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