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Opera Singer Lys Agnes Once Lived In A Convent


Lys Agnes opens up in a revealing interview (Photo: NBC)

Opera sensation Lys Agnes has revealed that she once lived in a convent and considered devoting her life to God.

“When I was 17… I gave up everything I owned, cut my hair, and was at the most spiritually centered place I have ever been in my life,” she tells reporter Jodi Chapman.

“Then of course, I began to feel trapped. My whole life I felt people trying to box me in, and whenever I feel that in any way I begin to rebel against it. I felt my creative urges begin to thunder within and I just had to get out, even though my spirit still wanted a life of God, a holy life. Coming back into the world was bizarre, and unfortunately, I began to follow suit. I allowed the world to suck me back in and I felt more lost than ever. I’ve always wondered if I will ever get back to that place of spiritual clarity again.”

Agnes – a top ten act from Denver, Colorado – was considered a frontrunner to win the sixth season of “America’s Got Talent.” She was eliminated after ditching opera music to sing a rock-inspired cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

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