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Silhouettes Vow To Donate Prize Money To Charity


Silhouettes are already in the Top 10 of 'America's Got Talent'

A member of the shadow dance squad Silhouettes – which performed perhaps its best routine yet Tuesday night – tells us there are already big plans for the $1 million cash prize, if they win “America’s Got Talent.”

“We have all decided that we want to give a big portion of it to help homeless children in Colorado,” teen dancer Sydney confirms to AGTNews.com.

Homelessness has been a cause near and dear to the 200 member squad (only 40 traveled to Hollywood to compete).

“A few years ago I wanted to teach the kids to dance for a higher purpose,” their coach, Lynn Patton, says.

“We did some research and found out there are over 2000 children – average age 9 — on the streets in Denver.”

Patton hosts a weekly Monday night dance class for homeless youths at Denver’s Rocky Mountain School of Dance and Performing Arts, where Silhouettes members are all students.

Next, she says, many of her young dancers hope to hit the road to raise money and awareness through a tour of benefit performances.

“We are going to get on a bus…and bring clothing and money and food for homeless shelters all over the nation,” Patton says.  “I think we can find people who can fund that, corporations who can fund that. We have figured out ways to get this far on our own.  At that point anything is possible.”