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Stern Takes Shots At J.Lo, Seacrest and Spears


Howard Stern is judging his competition. (Photo: CBS)

Howard Stern says its his duty to be brutally honest as a judge on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT.  

And he doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to sizing up the competition either.
“You watch AMERICAN IDOL, you could throw up,” he told reporters during a press conference at the Friars Club in New York today.  “J.Lo…I don’t understand what she is doing there.  Not every contestant can be wonderful.  You have got to be upfront with people.”

The outspoken radio star also made it clear that he is not a fan of IDOL host Ryan Seacrest (who also hosts a competing syndicated morning radio show).

“I feel Ryan Seacrest is kind of tired,” he said.  “He doesn’t look like he relates to the people.  He wants to be the next Dick Clark.  I got news for him, Dick Clark isn’t here anymore!”

Stern — who replaces Piers Morgan when AGT returns on Monday — said he is, however, looking forward to seeing what happens when Britney Spears joins THE X FACTOR this fall.

“I think it is a wonderful decision,” he joked. “Britney still thinks the earth is flat.  I can’t imagine… 
“I think we are going to tune in to see if she can kind of function through the thing.  If there is any real criticism, Simon (Cowell) and LA Reid will be doing that.  Britney will stand there and eat a lollipop and wear a sexy outfit.  
“I don’t anticipate any great opinions from her.  I think she is going to sit there like J.Lo:  ‘Oh, you are wonderful.  You are terrific.  Do you think I can get a perfume endorsement out of this?”  But I will tune in to see what kind of train wreck she is.  Absolutely!”