TALENT: Singer/Songwriter


HOMETOWN: Southeast, Alaska

Official Website
Anna Graceman
is a little girl with a big voice and even bigger dreams.  “I Wanna be on the radio / Singin’ for all the world to know,” she declares in “Superstar”, one of 35 original songs she has composed since the age of 6.

So far, Anna appears to be on her way.

She began singing at only 18 months old — and hasn’t stopped since. “I would sing and sing and sing until my mom would say, ‘Stop! You are singing way too much,’” she says.

A piano prodigy since age 4, she would crank out movie theme songs while her younger brother played nearby with Legos.  “The music would help him pretend,” she says.  “I had a little electric piano my Mom and Dad bought me from Costco. I wrote some of my first songs on that little electric keyboard.”

Two years ago, Anna scored her big break:  an appearance on the “Ellen” show.

Now armed with a killer voice, a winning attitude (and a very old soul), the determined 11 year-old has her sights set on winning ‘America’s Got Talent’,  Her motto:  “Believe in yourself! Don’t give up! Even if you think you can’t do it push yourself a little harder, and you will succeed. I always say I can’t do it, it’s too hard and then if I step back and put a little more effort into it; I find its not as hard as I first thought.”


– Wrote her first song, “So I Cried,” in the first grade

– Anna doesn’t have cable TV at her house – “but ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ looks fun,” she says.

– Her inspirations are Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks and The Beatles

– Her favorite Disney Princess is Ariel. “Because she has the voice of an angel. I like Jasmine too.”

– Anna doesn’t have any pets.  “But we do have bears and deer that walk through our backyard,” she says.  “Our neighbors dogs go crazy when the bears come looking for food in the summer time.”

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